The Mission

To help you realize the potential of how much more fun you can possibly have at your event.

We are here to help you discover and document it. In the air, being all fantastic and junk.

Our goal is to capture your guests at their happiest, at their goofiest and especially at their best.
Who We Are

We are a team consisting of photographers, social mixers and ninjas.

Yes, ninjas. We bring an accompanying form of entertainment to whatever event we get booked.

We like to have as much fun as the next guy, and most of the time that is why we are booked out to events.
What We Are

ActionBooth is a fully interactive photo booth set up at events to showcase all the guests who participated.

We set up a high quality camera, studio lighting and various other equipment to be able to rapidly share the images with everyone in many different forms:

Instant display via large monitor, onsite printing, as well as world wide web distribution.

Where We Go

We are located in downtown Chicago, Illinois and Hollywood, California but we also go on tour for special events.

The types of venues where we do ActionBooth can be anything from an apartment, a trade show booth or in the corner of a bar/club.

The only thing that would limit where we can set up shop is the amount of space we need to shoot.

Trust us, we want to ActionBooth your event.
Why We Do It

The ActionBooth team have always had a knack of taking fun pictures regardless of where we go, and keeping everyone entertained while we do it.

We like to have fun and we like to document it. Now, we want to bring that energy to your event.

We love music, we love to be social, we are up to date with technology. ActionBooth is the perfect mix of event photography and guest entertainment.
Would You Like To Know More?

Visit our media page to download our media kit, see some examples of gallery backgrounds we've worked with in the past and check out examples of the custom props we have made or used for various events.

Here you can also acquire our logo for news articles, press releases, step and repeats or to remix it to a sweet design for a desktop background. It's all there. Impress us with what you skills, pass our information along to whom you might think would love our service.

Enter the Media Page.
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