Preparing to jump

1. You don’t have to jump your highest.
2. Jump big! Lots of expression. Exaggerate your movements.
3. Make a funny face.
4. Tuck your knees in or try to touch your heel to your back, or try to do both, at the same time.
5. Try to fill up the whole shot with your body, your friends bodies or with random stuff.
6. Reinact your favorite action sequence from a movie. Preferably something from a Jackie Chan flick.
7. Make sure whatever it is you are doing, have fun doing it and let other people rotate in.
8. Secretly or obviously have a competition with the people who shot before you. Try to out-do whomever is trying their best for some healthy competition.
9. We like to carry dry erase boards with us, use them to send a message to your lame friends who did not go to the event with you or ask someone to marry you via ActionBooth.
10. Our service is called ActionBooth, not BoringBooth nor ZzzBooth. If you would like to just stand there without doing anything spectacular or ridiculous, please find a regular event photographer who takes pictures of people holding their drinks up in the air.
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