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  • So what is ActionBooth?
    ActionBooth is dynamic event photography. We capture guests in motion, show it to them immediately and share the photos in various ways.
  • Wait a minute, where is the actual booth?
    You're probably standing in it! Either jump, do something or get out of the way. We at ActionBooth don't want to be associated with those portable coffin like make shift event booths with curtains and stuff. We like to showcase the venue or the event in some manner. It gives each event a more unique feel.

    We are also not a proper vintage style booth that prints out strips of pictures. We love those, but that is just not the service we provide. If that is what you are looking for, contact our friends at 312 Photobooth. They have a sweet logo.
  • Do I have to jump?
    No. But you better do something better than just standing there pretending to be cool.
  • How do I jump?
    Listen, if you don't know how to jump, or even fake like you know how to jump, I suggest that you read our Jumping 101 section in our About page.
  • But I don't want to jump. I am too cool. I just want to stand here with my bla bla bla...
    Fine. We'll take the picture. But only to get you out of the rotation and we'll probably not upload the picture to the gallery.
  • I hurt my leg, what else can I do?
    Anything you want or can do. Silly faces are almost as fun. Big group pictures with strangers is a crowd favorite too.
  • How can I get ActionBooth to my event?
    We suggest you check out our Booking page and send us a message and tell us a little about your event. We will send you a media kit that has more information regarding your event and we'll figure it out from there.
  • How much do you charge per event?
    Event packages vary. Scale of venue, number of guests, length of time to be at the event, and what kind service packages you would like to include are all factors in the estimated cost. You'll see how things work once you fill out our media kit that is appropriate to your event.
  • How much space do you guys take up?
    Shooting space we like to have a good ten to fifteen feet in front of the camera. Gear area usually ends up being around ten by ten feet. So total, 10' x 20' is ideal.
  • How many people in your crew?
    Bare minimum to run ActionBooth smoothly including printing is two. If the number of people we bring is not an issue, sometimes we end up rolling with about twenty ninjas. With that many people on our side, the event ends being twenty times as energetic and fun. Don't be intimidated by the large number, I assure you we are the happy fun kind of ninjas you want to have at your event. Not the sneaky death dealing ones pirates are so scared of.
  • Dang! Seriously?
    Yes. Seriously.
  • How can I be part of the ActionBooth Entourage?
    Usually we pick out high energy people who like to scream and laugh. Other members of the entourage have specific functions like printers, set up and break down, tech support, social instigators, jump technicians, and mingling ninjas. If you can fit yourself to any two or more of these categories, you just might be a shoe in for our next event.
  • Do you do weddings?
    Yes, but only receptions. That is usually where all the fun happens. Unless you can get everyone to jump walking down the isle to jump as well as whomever is marrying the couple to jump with them, then I suggest you only request us for the reception.
  • Do you have a discounted charity rate?
    Yes. There are basic costs that we absolutely have to cover, especially if you want printing at your event. Email us regarding your event and we will figure out the best way for us to be part of your event.
  • Do you charge for prints?
    Typically during the event, no. We do not like selling prints, it really slows down our groove. If we are selling prints it is because we are either fundraising for the charity we are working with or the person who booked us for the event wanted to cut costs on their end but still wanted to have prints available for their guests.
  • Can you send me these pictures? I want them for my album!
    All the pictures from the event will be online and free for all guests. Find your pictures in the gallery and save as many of them as you wish. All we ask is that you retain our logo on any saved images and/or give proper credit as to where you got the images from.

    If we see you taking pictures with your phone or camera of our monitors or projector screen, we'll probably laugh, point and tell everyone else to look at you because you will be able to just save a better quality version of your picture shortly.
  • When will these pictures be posted?
    Probably before you wake up tomorrow morning, if you are lucky you are at an event that allowed for us to do ActionBooth Live! which allows us to upload the images as we shoot them to various social media sites.

    But to be fair, give us a grace period of 24 hours.

    If the gallery is "Coming Soon", it will be because we are still waiting for the payment for the event. Please contact the person/organizatioin who hosted the event regarding why they are taking forever to hold their end of the bargain.

    We (ActionBooth) like to have the pictures up as early as possible.
  • Do you travel? I have an event all the way over at bla bla bla… I really want you there!
    We do travel! We've been all over the United States. San Francisco, New York, and everywhere in between! We also go on tours to help promote whatever product you are promoting. We currently have teams in Chicago and Los Angeles. From those two headquarters, we are able to cover the whole continental United States fairly well.

    Next question!
  • Do you do ActionBooth for pet parties?
    What? Seriously? You have parties for pets? Do you want us to take pictures of your dog or cat jumping so you can put funny captions on it and post it on the internet? ... I guess we could. Email us about our rates...
  • Do you shoot on green screens?
    We don't. We choose to use printed backdrops, step and repeats, custom made prop backgrounds, or a decent location within the venue.
  • Why don't you use green screens? I saw this company who did it at bla bla bla and I thought it was soooooo cool!
    We don't like to use them because of what has to be done to actually get the photos to look right when using them. It is very much more involved with lighting and being able to separate the subject from the background, chromakeying properly around the person, hair, fur, costume, translucent articles of clothing, etc. Then there is the processing part of it and clean up… Long story short, it slows down the whole service.
  • Is your camera broke?! It's making me look fat/ugly!
    Errr… Our gear is working properly. So please don't put the blame on our equipment. Thanks.
  • Is Boom really on sale for a date to CostCo?
  • Can I buy a date with one of the ninja ladies of ActionBooth instead?
    Yes, but you have to go on a date with Boom first.
  • OMG! I just had a wardrobe malfunction! Can you delete that picture!
    Yes. We will not host wardrobe malfunctions on our site.

    Although, we have made 18+ Galleries in the past. It really depends on the event. We try to stay classy, but if all the guests and the planner specifically hosted an event that is for mature audiences, we will label the gallery appropriately.
  • OMG again! That wasn't my boyfriend/girlfriend I was with at that event! Can you take that picture down cause my actual boyfriend/girlfriend will break up with me?!
    Come on dawg, why did you have to go on and do this? This sounds more like a YOU problem and not an US problem. Do not bother us with this.
  • That's a funny logo. Who is that guy?
    His name is Black Irish. He was a character in a student film that was never finished. It was supposed to be a serious film, but everyone seemed to laugh when they saw it. Now the logo is used to exemplify the absurdity and hilarity of most of the images that are taken during ActionBooth events.
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