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ActionBooth has teamed up with StitchSisters in producing some fine articles of clothing. Men's hoodies are black and have a warm sherpa lining, white ActionBooth logo on the front and a large red ActionBooth Wings logo across the shoulders. The women's version is a red zip up, same logo on front, but a smaller white wings logo across the lower back.

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12,000 Business Cards

We here at ActionBooth just received the box that all the business cards are in. To put the size of it in perspective, it looks like it could fit a dorm room sized microwave. Sure we give these out at events, sure we place them randomly on tables at the venue, but the true goal for all of these cards is to win as many free lunches from as many restaurants as possible.

We are going to scout the town on bikes, weekends on end, hunting for those elusive fish bowls that house potential winners of free meals. This is our true goal. This is how we eat. This box... is ridiculous.
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