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We would like to introduce our ActionBooth Live!. We can now upload branded images directly to your Facebook business page, personal gallery, twitpic, ftp server or other various social media outlets you choose. The response we've had testing this service has been amazing and we would love to show you how great it is at your event. Your guests, their friends who aren't at the event can tag themselves, like images, and comment in real time. This is a genius move from a branding/marketing standpoint.

ActionBooth Live! = New hotness
Next Day Gallery = Old and busted.

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Emma Watson from Harry Potter on Marie Claire Magazine

It is just like in the movie!!!

Boy’s $12 monster drawings help fund his chemo

Hello fellow human beings,

Since Sept. 13, Aidan has been waging a battle against a monster that is all too real. That’s when doctors discovered he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He’s spent weeks in the hospital and has endured chemotherapy, infections, spinal taps and other painful procedures.

To pass the time, he draws pictures of monsters. Dozens and dozens of them. Aidan’s drawings are so adorably scary that his aunt decided to post some of them on the website Etsy, where people buy and sell handmade artwork and other items. She wanted to do something — anything — to help Aidan and his family from a distance, so she figured she’d try to sell 60 prints to help defray their sudden and mounting expenses.

Full story

The Etsy store link

One.SixOne + 10Doors Bar Just got their Liquor License!

Mike Lawrey just got a message that One.SixOne Restaurant and 10Doors bar just got their liquor license. Listen to what he has to say.

Oh man, it is so on!

AB shot Ok Go @ The Metro

Okay, you should know by now how much I love Ok Go. I posted a bunch of their coolest latest videos on this blog, I listen to them all the time. So on April 17th, 2010, Lizelle asked me to accompany her to shoot pictures of Ok Go for her write up for UR Chicago. Let me tell you this one thing, it was the best thing she could have ever gotten me on both of our mom's birthday. Yes indeed, both our mothers share a birthday on this day.

Let us patiently wait for the write up review by Lizelle D on URChicago Magazine!


Yes, Starting July 15th, AB is going to be busy. G'yeah!

Facebook Distribution

Hello all, 

Here is a slick way to keep notified anytime ActionBooth updates either an event gallery or a ninjablog. If you have a Facebook account, please follow the instructions here if you'd like to be part of the AB electronic distribution team. It is fairly simple and once you have it set up, you don't have to do anything else but sit back and relax.

First, choose which RSS you would like to import to your notes. We have a Gallery RSS for each event. That is a link to the newest and latest event that ActionBooth has shot. The other one is the NinjaBlog, which is random actionbooth news and crew member updates. You can get the NinjaBlog RSS feed address here. A similar link is also on the main gallery page if you choose to showcase the gallery blog. 

Once you have the address copied log into your facebook account and go to your Notes application. Within there, there is a button off to the side where you can edit the setting of your notes. 

Paste the link you got from the RSS feed page and accept the terms and conditions box. It will begin to import all the blog posts to your notes app. Once this is up, that is pretty much 
all there is it do. New blog posts will be imported to your notes, your notes will show on your mini-feed and your activity will be on your friends home news feed. Show some love! Share ActionBooth news!

What's the formula for a good ActionBooth picture?

There really is no formula.

Although ninja acrobatics up your chances, they're not a prerequisite. Typical event photographers take pictures of people at events. ActionBooth takes those people and makes their fun THE event.

As one of AB's social instigators, I try to show newcomers just 'how' to ActionBooth. They'll ask me, "OK, so what do I do?" My reply is "You can do anything you want, but this is ActionBooth - not BoringBooth or StandStillBooth. "Do I have to jump?" No, but it looks so cool and is fun as hell!

Challenge: see if you can fit all of yourself in the frame without cutting any hands/feet/hair out of the photo.


Ninja Duty

Kickass! Now we got our own ninja blog! Booya! My first entry will be about ninja duty. It is our duty as AB Ninjas to promote AB. Help out AB by telling friends an co-workers about AB. If your company has an events department or someone in charge of setting up company parites. Shoot them and email with the AB link and suggest having AB at an event! I'm personally trying to get RedEye and the Tribune to pick up AB! Hopefully something will happen with that!

-Genius Ninja

ActionBooth Ninjas, Untie!

Testing Testing, one... two.. three... JUMP!

This is where everyone who I have invited to blog can blog remotely on the ActionBooth site. You can upload video, photos, music and junk and be able to post it on the page.

Currently, I have the normal blog on the site which has to be updated here on my laptop which sucks. Now I give you all access to make cool changes on this page to give news, or upload a random action picture from where ever you may be at blogging. 

Some guidelines about uploading images, I don't think I care what size of a picture that you do, just set the preview to small, it automagically makes it a hyperlink where you can see the almost original size/quality of the picture you uploaded anyways. Other than that, this is a pretty dope added feature. ABNinjas and bad spellers of the world, UNTIE!
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