Class of Whenever Reunion

First off, if you haven't been to your class reunion yet but went to ours, we are sorry for spoiling you. Yours will probably be not as cool as ours was.

To recap, we at ActionBooth held another one of our Real Events | Fake Reasons events. If you didn't guess what our theme was this time was a fake class reunion. We believe that most reunions are only cool if you got along with the people you went to school with and actually have something to show with your life since high school. We want to throw that expectation out of the window.

At our event, it didn't matter when or where you are from. All that matters is that you have fun and have an amazing time with our service. All the rest was purely theatrics and entertainment. As stated on our main REFR page, we wanted to experiment with a way to get strangers to speak to each other as if they knew one another. I would have to say it worked. Once people got into the theme and mindset of what the event was, there were no bounds to what people did that aligned with our theme.

To give you an example, the prom king and the prom queen we crowned were complete strangers. We asked them to do a king and queen dance to Time After Time and our ActionBooth staff's jaw dropped when they both did an amazing rendition of the scene from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Now, at this time, I believe everyone started to think that this may have been staged. I can guarantee you that our minds were blown at how amazing this was.

One more example of the amazingness was that a break dance battle happened in the middle of our event. Let me repeat that. There was a sweet break dance battle that happened at our event. They commanded the attention of the rest of the guests with their moves. Collectively, everyone was thinking "I remember when I use to be able to do that." even though we all know that was way beyond our abilities. These fellas were talented.

Well, if you want to see more of the event, check out our gallery page. We have our images hosted there.

Thank you all, we had such an amazing time. I wanted to give everyone a hug for being so awesome.

Again, if you haven't gone to your ten year reunion yet but went to ours, my apologies.


There is no better reunion than a reunion of strangers. What? I mean, thank you for coming out.

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