ActionBooth in Spain and Italy!

Just a taste of what's soon to come as my sister and I travel around Italy!
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Ladies and Gents!

and Ninjas!

Showing ActionBooth some love from Breckenridge, Colorado!


ActionBooth in the Philippines

Yo yo!
Back from the Phillippines now. Merry Christmas to all! I just experienced the longest Christmas ever. It's been 37 hours and I still have 3 hours left of Christmas! Pretty cool. But yea, I have uploaded the jumping pics to Facebook so check them out!!!

These jumpin' pics were taken in Nueva Ecija, Calbayog, Surigao, and Siargao hittin' up all three main islands of the Philippines. Even over the Pacific Ocean yo!

Molly Versus Boom--Place Your Bets

Action Booth started from one individual's enthusiasm and artistic talent and an entire group's willingness to look silly and strike cheeky poses. Action Booth has rapidly evolved since its first occurrence at the Shiku Garu party in 2007, and with each event, we ninjas continue to improve our style. Action Booth is a hobby that doesn't end after events are over and venues are closed. Jumping photos can be practiced and captured anywhere with the simplest point and shoot camera.

Thus, it begins: a race of international proportions has commenced in this final month of the year two thousand and eight. Action Booth has gone global.

I challenge Boom to a Southeast Asian jumping contest.

Boom covers the Phillipines and Singapore. I cover Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Absolutely no rules or regulations; such words aren't in a ninjas vocabulary, after all. The winner (determined by your comments) is the one who posts the best, most epic, and innovative picture that is true to Action Booth's mission: catalyzing and capturing moments!

International Jumping!

Hey y'all ( ActionBooth fans, jumpers, potential participants, etc.)
Hollering from halfway across the world in the Philippines! I hope you have had tons of fun participating in ActionBooth. We got one more event this month in Michigan which I'm sure will be a blast. I'm going to take some pictures with my point and shoot camera of me jumping somewhere here in South-East Asia and post them here soon.
Keep doing that thing you do (Ideally, jumping!)
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