Andrew David V & Friends

Andrew David V & Friends at Elbo Room from ActionBooth on Vimeo.

Our very own Andrew David V performed at Elbo Room. Here are the high lights and just in case you didn't know.

Our friends are so rad.
Just want to let you know that. 


Look at these dancers!

If you are not jealous of them, then there is something wrong with you. These guys are amazing.
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Dragon Baby!

We love this guy!
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Dance With No Bones!

Need to learn this.

Amazing inflatable wetsuit


Ladies carving on longboards.

This looks fun. I'd do this with them.

This is how you vocal train for death metal.

I can't stop laughing at this.
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Sealy Jump Commercial

This is a great commercial!

High speed video camera in Vegas hotel room.

There are a few things I'd be willing to lock myself up inside of a Vegas hotel room. A Phantom Flex 1080p 2000+ fps video camera would be one of them. This is why.

Super Mario Overload! Speedrun.

I don't know which one to watch! I seem to keep watching Super Mario 2 on the bottom right corner cause I never got to play that version. It looks way difficult.

Jedi Badminton!

I already really like watching badminton at the Olympics, this would make it so much cooler.

New ActionBooth mascot?

What do you think? Who wouldn't want to have a jumping goat as their mascot? Though, not as famous as the fainting goats.

Kitten in Slow Motion

Best thing on the internet for 2011 so far.

The video that sums up the past couple years of my internet life.


If you can name all of the references here in this video, this Sweedish company will give you an iPad.

Tetris Grand Master

So you think you are pretty good at Tetris?

Just as you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous... You have to see it up to the end. It will blow your mind.

Bad things can happen

Bad Things That Could Happen from This Is It on Vimeo.


Real Life Aim Bot.

This is what an Aimbot does in a first person shooter game. When I play online, I feel that everyone is using one against me. That or I am just that bad at online gaming. Still, mad props to this guy who shot and edited it. Very well done sir.

Tarp Surfing is really silly, but so cool!


Glow stick basics! Let's make some!

When the guy starts talking about chemicals, it sounds like a totally different language to me. Like HTML or something.

Cardboard Warfare.

Amazing! Cardboard guns, cardboard tank, great sound effects and rotoscoping! Paul! Do stuff like this!

Canon's almost ActionBooth commercial.

CANON Commercial - Freeze Tag from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

We Love this. Love love love. This is almost a treatment that we would want for an ActionBooth commercial.

Les Dangereux

Dating as a Ninja has always been difficult.

Rocket pulls out kid's tooth!

Who ever came up with this idea, built the rocket and had this kid execute this tooth pulling is on my team.

iPhone + Book = Education!

We at ActionBooth using technology to further educate our future leaders. This is simply a great way to get your kids to want to read books.

The food is jumping! LOOK!

The Huber Experiments - Vol. 1 from The Upthink Lab on Vimeo.

The Food! It is jumping!

Sliding down to your train is fun!

Remember how cool the staircase piano was? This is pretty sweet as well. I'd be sliding down this thing all day. There was a slide at my old gym, it went from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor. Not as cool as this one though. The one at my old gym was a tube style spiral slide that was way too hard to get speed on it, and once you got all sweaty from working out, you'd end up just sticking through out most of the slide. This one is definitely cooler.

Super Mario Stop Motion in a Classroom!

I wish my class did cool stuff like this!

We share a similar secret with Nike regarding our Jumps.

We've been collecting Andrew David's air for quite some time now.

Hayaku: A time lapse journey through Japan.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.


Cooking with Coolio and Andy Milanakis

Now I don't know who thought it'd be a good idea to put these two in the kitchen together, but the food they made does look pretty tasty. Let me know where you see the camera tricks regarding when they switch out what they actually prepared to what comes out of the oven.

PS, Who knew that Coolio had his own cooking show?

ActionBooth would love to cook with Snoop Dog

Cooking mashed potatoes with one of these kitchen aids would be a dream, having Snoop cook with you? Now that's something else. Always remember kids, Snoop wants black pepper in his mashed potatoes, not white. What were you thinking Martha!

Surprise Wedding Reception!

This is something that ActionBooth totally supports. Congratulations to this couple walking out of an NYC courthouse.


A Swiss flashmob protest of nuclear power plants.

A Swiss flashmob protest of nuclear power plants, which involved hundreds of people suddenly collapsing in the street (to mimic the physical ramifications of a nuclear meltdown), managed to scare the bejeezus out of passers-by who were not in on the happening.

Volkswagen learns how to drift into a parking spot.

Soon Skynet will take over.

Cat protecting baby from babysitter!

So this babysitter was playing with little man and some glass breaks. Baby starts crying and the cat rushes over and defends the baby from the evil baby sitter! Cats are so awesome.

Cup Cake Cannon!

How often do you think of shooting a cupcake at someone? Almost all the time right? This is what it would look like in slow motion. I love this stuff!

Most Amazing Parkour you'll See This Year

European people spend an awful lot of time learning how to jump over, through and between things.

Tribute to people who suck at life.

You know the type. These people are the "before" to any infomercial. People who never got a handle on real life skills like cracking an egg or not falling over a hose. I am sure there are simple solutions for people like this, all they have to do is spend $19.95.

Oldie But Goodie: Light Saber Fight

This by far is the coolest home made light saber fight. I found it a couple years ago, but it is still relevant on how cool it is today.

WRC - Saluk's Insane Jump

I know, I know... we should have been there to capture this moment.

Videographer chases after thief that steals his camera!

Photographers/Videographers go pretty great lengths to protect their camera gear. It is after all their life. This thief swims away, and only kinda barely gives up the gear at gun (spear) point by the end of the video, they are friends? Cool 2nd song.

Amazing blue shipping container camera!

Everything about this is cool, except for the typography at the end. Sigh... What a way to ruin a good video.

Japanese people running awkardly in slow motion.

Okay, this is pretty funny. We found this video quite a bit ago, but it is worth the post here on AB. It's something you might expect to happen in front of our cameras some time in the future.

Our Ninjas visit the Windy City Rollers

Aberdeen Street Derby Ninjas from Andrew David on Vimeo.

Two of our resident ActionBooth/Dodgeball Ninjas are also Windy City Rollers derby girls. We cheered our hearts out for them in their 3rd bout. Our hearts and our jumps goes out to you Bork Bork Bork and Joanie Utah.


Content Aware Fill in PS CS5 BLOWS MY MIND!

Insert head exploding sound here. This is photography magic if I ever saw it. It's practically cheating! When Photoshop CS6 comes around, there better not be an "Amazing Jumping Photo" filter option that people will abuse like solar flare and emboss.

brb, head is still exploding.


Who would like to make an ActionBooth commercial for national TV?

We here at ActionBooth are looking for all kinds of ways to promote our sweet business. Through Google, we can now place bids on national cable television and make our own commercial to run at whatever hours we bid for! It is pretty simple, all we would need is a video camera, a sweet idea, editing gear and some loot to place it on the air!

This video on SlateV shows you how easy it is! Watch it and brainstorm with us. Let's be famous together!

Except, let's not run it on Fox news. I don't think anything good will come of that.

Movies trailers that are complete formulas.

Have you ever noticed that movie trailers are pretty formula? This video really shows this well. As I watched this, I would have flashes of past movies that I've seen that follow this format. These guys did a really good job on the recreation. Well played.

How do you get a whole high school to participate in a backwards music video?

I wish my high school was this cool. They got the whole school to do a music video backwards... in ONE take. Amazing. Go Shorewood High.

Watch Sugar Water by Cibo Matto.This music video is like a cross between Irriversiblé and Time Code, except this came out a few years before both of them. Amazing timing and technical skill in producing this music video.


A video audition of potential Ultraman villains, set to Billy Jean.

Man, Japanese TV is so cool! How do we set up an AB event where this can happen? If you can think of a way, please let us know. We will try to make it work.

Imagine if ActionBooth was a forensic company...


Chat Roulette

chat roulette from Casey Neistat

This is an ActionBooth favorite. Have you ever Chatrouletted?

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